What does a Visual Merchandiser do

Visual Merchandisers


A well coordinated combination of merchandising, shop design, visual merchandising and marketing effort has proven to influence why the customers choose to shop in one store instead of the other. That is why the concept of Visual merchandising, since its humble beginnings in the 19th Century, has become an integral and invaluable weapon of the retail business.


Visual Merchandisers create displays of merchandise in the store window and interior to entice prospective shoppers to stop and enter the store. Then to look and buy through the use of visual presentation.


Visual merchandising experts discuss a promotional image, seasonal theme or special idea to base the upcoming marketing and display activities around.


Visual merchandisers often work very closely with marketing and sales teams or the business owners to make sure the merchandise is best presented in an enticing manner in the shop windows as well as point-of-sale areas.


Visual merchandisers usually turn to their creative skills for displaying, marketing and arranging promotional activities to communicate with the target shoppers.

Visual merchandisers may be involved in identifying current and future trends, and reporting back on activities of business competitors as well as training the sales staff in merchandising skills.


For independent stores, the visual merchandising experts can take on wider roles, such as; producing drawings and artistic impressions to present some ideas to the shop owners or manager to discuss final designs.


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